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Goldsmith Course * Jewelry Course * Berlin

Do you enjoy creative work in a pleasant atmosphere?
Are you looking forward to a new piece of jewelry?
Or would you like to spend a nice time with your loved ones?
Are you looking for an original birthday present?
Are you just planning a bachelorette party or a work outing?

Then you are exactly right here!

Develop your creativity and create a personal unique piece in the goldsmithing course.

Under instructions you will learn the basic techniques in a small circle. Previous knowledge is not required.

Whether ring, necklace, earring, pendant, box, nose ring, cufflink or talisman -all that is learnable.

Sometimes petite - sometimes opulent. Sometimes deliberately unfinished - sometimes perfectionist worked out. Sometimes pebble - sometimes brilliant. Sometimes meditative - sometimes exciting. Playful - sometimes classic.

In the 2.5 hours, for example, you can make a narrow to medium silver ring with an individual surface.

Here you go through all the important steps such as sawing, filing, bending, soldering, sanding, polishing, surface design, etc. This will give you a good look into the goldsmith's craft and it already creates a handsome piece of jewelry.

Material in such a piece usually weighs between 5-15g silver.

If he should be a bit thicker and e.g. still with a soldering like something wire or circle etc. or a personal inscription by letter letters, then one should rather take into account two course units.

Building and surrounding a ring with a stone setting is already more advanced. That takes about 3-4 course units.

I generally have material for such pieces. However, if you plan something special, it's better to check beforehand if the precious metal is there as well.

You can find a voucher for printing here:

Do you have any questions? By telephone I can help the fastest. Call me.

We also speak English


Goldsmith Course Berlin


2.5 hours
40,00 €
plus material


Tuesday 17-19.30
Wednesday 12-14.30
Wednesday 17-19.30

Intensive course:
Friday 11-17.00
99,00 €
plus material

NEW: Now online booking also possible  (look at Kursanmeldung)

Registration by phone at
0176/248 74 348.


Atelier Kirkara
Kirsten Karacan
12053 Berlin - Neukölln
0176 - 248 74 348
030 - 21465757


U-Bahn Subway Leinestrasse
S-Bahn S-Bahn Hermannstrasse
Autobahn Motorway A 100 Britzer Damm

Kirsten Karacan
12053 Berlin

0176 - 248 74 348
030 - 21 46 57 57
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